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The Toggle Effect will revolutionize your understanding of the emotional system.
Hello, my name is Laurie Heusinger, I am the founder and developer of The Toggle Effect Stress Management Program introduced here. As a therapist I have had numerous opportunities to teach this technique to people in many walks of life. Seeing such consistent improvement in different applications has always inspired me to make this work more available to more people. Improvements are not only on the mental level, but also on the physical level, giving direct evidence to the stress/mind/body connection. Here are a few of those stories.
The first application for improving learning blocks happened with my sons learning difficulties. He had always struggled in school and often times reverted to being the class clown. Teachers often described him as very smart, but lazy. He barely passed each grade and was not really progressing in knowledge. At this point in my career I was working on the early stages of Toggling so when I asked him a question that he didn’t know the answer to I paid attention to what he was experiencing stress wise. I gave him the answer and then asked the question again. It was noticeable how uncomfortable he became when he couldn’t answer it even though he had just discussed the answer a few moments before. I asked him when he remembered first feeling so uncomfortable with learning. He immediately responded with a story of being shamed in first grade by his teacher. I asked him to recall all of the details of that incident in order to bring up the shame and embarrassment. I then guided him through the process of shifting the emotional tension. He found the sensation of the shift a bit disorienting. A few moments later I asked him the original question we had been working on before. He immediately knew the answer. The next day he very excitedly told me that complex math problems were clearing up in his head. He has since successfully completed an associate’s degree in criminology, helicopter piloting training, and aeronautical mechanics.
The next application I guided someone through to address a learning block was with the son of one of my clients. He was a nine year old who was experiencing difficulty keeping his focus long enough to complete an assignment. When his mother brought him in I asked him a few questions and then I wrote a sentence on a piece of paper. I asked him to copy the sentence. He started to write the words and by the third word he had slowed down and was retreating into a similar shame or embarrassment reaction I had seen in my son. I asked him to tell me the color of his feeling. As he focused right on the stress itself I talked him through the shift. I could tell he felt different a few seconds later. His eye contact was stronger and he was more interactive. I then asked him to write the sentence again and this time he completed the task quickly. His mother was surprised at the speed of the change and said she had never seen him complete a writing task so quickly.
Another client of mine had a foster child who struggled with ADD. The mother did not want to resort to drug therapy and brought the child in. The child worked with one of my therapist using the Toggle Technique. First she had the child talk about her fears, which were apparently of monsters. Then she was asked to draw a picture of the monster. Once she had completed the picture the child was asked to pull the monster into her mind. The young girl was eager to follow the directions. She was much more animated after the session and her mother reported much improvement in her daughter scholastic performance.
I have taught workshops that teachers have attended. Afterwards they reported feeling much better in class and then even began teaching the students the method as well. To their amazement the students were engaging in the learning tasks quicker, were more receptive to the lessons and exceeded testing performance expectations.
My 8 year old grandson has dyslexia and was struggling with his spelling assignments. I taught him to “pull in” the words and the fear that came up when taking tests. I told him to do this every time he practiced his spelling and every time he took a test. His performance improved immediately and he consistently scored higher on all subsequent tests.
One of my dear friends and students of this work also had this to report. “My first Toggle session was when I was in Acupuncture School. I was having trouble with material retention, had a lack of focus and test anxiety. The session resulted in a drastic change in my ability to retain material, focus in class and take tests. My GPA rebounded and my scores stayed between 98-100 the rest of my school career. As a practitioner and Therapist of Toggling, I have worked with students who faced similar issues to my own; although they were middle and high schoolers. The younger students grasp the concept much more readily and were able to achieve immediate results in their ability to retain material and focus in class. Generalized anxiety improved significantly and as students were taught how to se this method on their own, they felt more in control of their lives and emotions. I highly recommend this for students with ADHD, ADD, memory or focus problems. In addition this works well for students who are in need of social skills and confidence around peers.
I successfully use Toggling aka Cognitive Polarity Therapy, for children with PTSD, ADHD, ADD and generalized anxiety about life. The youngest clients were 6 and the eldest is age 83.
Dr Babette Saenz.
Although the cognitive improvement is remarkable using this technique, there is equal intrigue in the application for physical improvements. Science knows stress is an elusive yet significant factor in disease and pain. Now we can see the direct mind/body correlation and make improvements in the stress arena which are yielding pain relief and health improvements. Using the Chinese Medical model we target specific stress reactions to benefit health and vitality.
Here are a few of those stories.
Migraines- A client of mine came in with her usual weekly Migraine. Her eyes were partly closed from the pain. She was a nurse and just came back from the ER for tests to see why they were so severe. She had scheduled a massage to help ease the headache. Upon this visit I had been experimenting with the Toggle work on pain issues. I knew the technique worked on stress and from my studies in Chinese medicine I knew stress was a large part of the headache trigger. Keeping this in mind I asked her what stress issues would come up just before the headaches would start. She said it was usually fear. So I asked her if she would think about the issues that were making her anxious and let me know when she felt the fear associated with them. She thought for a moment or two and then told me she could feel the fear. I asked her to focus on the fear itself and guided her through the shift we call a toggle. Within a few moments she was startled to find her eyes were feeling as if they were shaking and she had a strange feeling in her head. This continued for about 30 seconds after which time the headache was completely gone. Although she did feel a bit disoriented she found it remarkable that she was pain free. The next time she came in she told me she had not had another migraine since the treatment. This was amazing since she had struggled with oftentimes weekly recurring migraines for at least a decade. Three months later she was still headache free. I have since taught this work to numerous migraine sufferers and they have all had similar results. Not only does the immediate headache improve, but also the frequency of the headaches improve.
Diabetes- In the early stages of developing the Toggle Technique I had the pleasure of working with medical students at the University of New Mexico. They approached me with a study they were doing on Type 2 Diabetes. They told me there seemed to be a correlation between depression and the onset of this disease. They were looking into alternative therapies to treat the depression with the idea that it might improve the diabetes.
I then approached two of my clients who had diabetes with this idea and asked them if they would be willing to work on depression issued using the Toggle technique. They both agreed. The first one developed diabetes several months after her daughter’s death from cancer. That had been 10 years prior. And she had been taking daily medication for diabetes since then. I asked her to think of the loss of her daughter and bring up the despair and sadness. Then we focused on shifting this emotional pain by having her visualize it and pull it in. Once the shift took place she was surprised to find she felt a return of joy. Within a few days her diabetes condition had improved to the point she had to stop taking the medication.
The second patient suffered more from general low grade depression which she identified with for many years. We discussed major events in her life that were connected to the depression. As each of these were brought up, I guided her through the process of shifting the emotional pain. Each shift gave her a better sense of well-being. During that time her A1C readings improved and she was able to adjust medications accordingly.
I have since taught the technique to several diabetics and they have all used it as part of their treatment program to help keep the blood sugar stabilized. My granddaughter is type 1 diabetic and we find very useful. The doctors are consistently amazed at how well she is doing in spite of the severity of her condition.
Pain-Toggling has a remarkable effect on Pain. I had a most dramatic experience with this myself after a fall which left me with a broken ankle. Within moments of the fall I started focusing on the pain and pulling it in. The pain seemed to worsen at first, but I kept with the focus, pulling in the pain as if it were medicine. After about 2 or 3 minutes the pain completely disappeared. I could feel the weakness when I put pressure on the ankle and was very aware not to walk on it, but I did not have the same pain experience. I went to the ER for Xrays. There they confirmed the break and I was given a walking cast and pain medications to take for the next few days. I did not need any of the pain meds. Over the next few weeks I focused on any lingering discomfort and repeated the Toggle process. By the time I went in to the hospital for the follow-up a few weeks later I had almost regained full range of motion in my ankle.
I have since taught the work in classes here in Key West. One of my students is a dental assistant. She would teach her patients the technique and found they had much less pain during dental procedures. In some cases pain meds were not used at all. She reported that the patients were often astonished at how well the mental focus technique worked to help them overcome the anxiety and the pain.
Labor and delivery- We used the Toggle Technique during my two daughter’s labor and delivery. The technique was not effective in eliminating the pain of the contractions, but, in both cases, the labor progressed much more quickly than the doctors expected.
I also had a client, who was nine months pregnant, come into the clinic. She was distraught because labor had not started and she was approaching the past due date for delivery. The doctors had told her they would induce labor that next Monday if she had not gone into labor over the weekend. She came into my clinic on Friday. She told me about her last month of pregnancy and that she was concerned because she had not had any notable contractions for the entire month. She was also suffering from pain in both wrists. We referred to the Chinese medicine chart and found that her wrist pain ran along the hormonal meridians called Triple Warmer. This is interesting since going into labor is a hormonal function. As far as stress is concerned, this system is affected by the stress of anger, especially at loved ones. I asked her if there were any conflicts going on with those closest to her. She said there was and that this conflict had come up about the same time the contractions has stopped. I asked her to think about the conflict and let the anger, hurt and disappointment arise. Then we focus her attention on the feelings and had her pull them into the center of her awareness. Within a few moments the pain in her wrists was alleviated. When she thought about the conflict she felt much better about the situation and could see some room for reconciliation. About 15 minutes later a strong contraction started. She left the office and I received a call 13 hours later that the baby was born.

When you learn how to take advantage of THE TOGGLE EFFECT you will gain the edge in challenging situation. Not only will you feel better, you will also improve your mental function and your health. You CAN turn the game around, gain the edge and be mentally ready for opportunities with more strength and confidence.

As an added benefit you will hear yourself laugh again, feel creative again, and enjoy the sense of well-being you thought you had lost.

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Disclaimer: The information provided in the “Toggle Effect” Stress Management Program, is not intended to replace the services of a physician or a psychologist. Any medical recommendation should be evaluated thoroughly with your personal physician.  Before starting any regimen of health care, either emotional or physical, you should consult with your physician or health care professional.

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