Laurie Heusinger is a Natural Therapeutic Specialist. She owed and operated Alpha Omega Therapeutics in Albuquerque New Mexico for 18 years. She now conducts a private practice in Key West Florida. A graduate from the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics, her eighteen years of experience in the alternative health field led to her discovery and development of The Toggle Effect Stress Management Program aka The Toggle Technique. She publicly lectures, teaches and continues to conduct research on the many mental and physical benefits that result from Toggling.



The Toggle Effect

This program was developed 12 years ago and has been used by 100’s of students for stress management including ptsd, critical incident stress, pain management along with remarkable applications for health improvement. Thanks to the participation of medical students, doctors, counselors, veterans and people just like you, we have developed an entire series of applications for The Toggle Effect Stress Management Program that is highly effective and easy to use.


Emotional Frequencies

Our program is the understanding of how to use your mind to convert the low frequency negative emotions into high frequency positive emotions. High frequency emotions are the fuel to achieving better performance and higher goals.

In this program, emotions are seen as a form of energy, and when we see emotions this way we categorize them into high and low frequencies. Scientifically speaking positive emotions are considered a high frequency and negative emotions are considered a lower frequency. Low frequencies yield sluggish, restricted and conflicted experiences. High frequencies yield clarity of thought and action. With this perspective we look at the potential of transforming emotional energy from one frequency to the other. We looked for the tipping point, the conversion if you will, from low to high frequency. From there Toggling was born.

There is an area of the middle brain that contains components that can affect energy frequencies. When we activate this area, with the specific mental focus technique we have developed, we find that negative emotions are quickly neutralized and simultaneously replaced with higher functioning positive emotional state. From this state an individual functions better mentally and physically. The conversion process is taught in the Basic Professional Stress Management Program contained in the first 4 videos. It is highly effective in relieving stress in the moment and restoring clarity and presence of mind.

Everything is Energy and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, this is Physics.

Once you have the basic conversion process working, you will want to take it to the next step. Now you will learn the Emotional Mechanics. Here we chart out the exact cognitive improvements to be expected from each Toggle Effect Application. The next level of learning takes the Toggle technique and focuses on goals. It is profoundly straight forward approach to gauging the frequency of your goals and matching your emotional system to that specific frequency. Once you have learned the formula, it is simple and straight forward. The ability to monitor and master frequency conversion based on goals accelerates your ability to tap new potential in yourself. It enables you to effectively turn difficult everyday situations around, not just as stress management, but now as a means to attain specific outcomes.
As an added bonus we have applied the technique and emotional mechanics understanding to relationship conflicts. You will learn how to transcend arguments and disagreements by shifting your emotional defense reactions. You will gain new insights into the situations and will see new solutions. You will also hit new levels of connection and intimacy with loved ones by understanding the Natural Toggle Process and how to help others shift.

Next we explore where emotions connect to health, pain and physical well-being. The Health applications taught in the next level focus on the stress connection to your physical health and wellness. Each frequency shift relaxes internal tensions, allowing for better health. In this program you will be taught specific stress connections to specific physical organ systems and complaints. You will have charts to help you identify the exact stresses that are affecting your health. Knowing how to address health complaints and pain patterns is a powerful tool to maintain better overall health and vitality.

Both the Goal and Health applications are taught in our webinars live. Please check in or contact us for more information.



To Police Officials and Executives who have an interest in and are considering using “The Toggle Effect Systems” to resolve stress and anxieties in their officers and ultimately improve the officers’ attitudes and performance. Its common knowledge that policing is a stressful occupation and this specific system has been designed and developed to directly address these occupational plights; particularly in these troublesome times. I have examined data and reports from field applications and found this system to be a viable system in accomplishing its formal and stated goals. Consequently, I would encourage you to give it a serious review.

Best regards, Paul H. Moore, M.A. (Retired)

Consultant — Criminal Justice, Security, Law and Business
Masters’ Degree:Police Science and Administration.Washington State University (1970)
Bachelors’ Degree:Townson State University, Towson, Maryland
Municipal Police Officer, Detective (Homicide) and Ident Kit Specialist – New Mexico
Public Safety Officer, Gaithersburg, Maryland
Administrator/Coordinator and Associate Tenured Professor of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice, William Rainey Harper College, Palatine, Illinois

Past Member


  • International Association of Chiefs of Police
  • International Criminal Justice Association (Board Member for six years)
  • Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (Chair of Two-Year/Four-Year Articulation Committee)
  • American Society for Public Administrators
  • Alpha Phi Sigma National Police Science Honor Society


“We live with stress every day.  It divides itself into two categories, physical and psychological, both of which can be viewed as negative energy.  What if there was a way to switch this harmful, life-sapping negative energy into a positive, life-affirming force?  In her new book, TOGGLE IT, Laurie Heusinger has not only addressed this worldwide concern, but discovered a simple, yet highly effective way of using our own, personal energy to create a higher quality of life that enriches and enhances emotional and physical well-being. Besides lowering stress, the technique of “toggling,” can significantly reduce emotional issues and alleviate chronic physical pain.  Having read TOGGLE IT several times, I believe that Ms. Heusinger has tapped into something very special and beneficial.  Through this method of “toggling,” every person can raise the bar on their own quality of life.  I enthusiastically recommend this book to everyone”.  Peter Fisk, Ph.D., California Psychologist, New Mexico Marriage and Family Therapist


I have been Toggling for a little more than three years now and it has helped me through many aspects in my life. This technique has allowed me to help myself, not only emotionally but physically as well. I have been able to let go of things that I would normally hold on to that were bad for my life. I am able to sleep better, and what used to be chronic back pain has been greatly reduced. With the new goal setting approach that we have taken with Toggling I have received many things that I want in life. Society has indeed taught us that we cannot have whatever we want, but that is proven not to be true. I have Toggled things that at one time I didn’t believe I was worthy to have and have received them in a very minimal amount of time. Transforming my emotions back to their positive state has changed my life and I will continue doing it to always better myself and my ability to help others.   Krystle Baker – Office Administrator


“My entire family has been in Laurie’s Toggle sessions for over 2 months now and I am absolutely amazed at what a genuine healer she is and how much “toggling” works. I was an RN for 22 years so come with a lot of medical background and I have to say it all makes such sense and it really works. I went in for my 26 y/o son to help with his ADHD. I am much calmer, any pains I have go away when I toggle and my son’s focus has steadily improved. He is learning to be back in touch with his emotions and express himself in a more productive communication manner than prior to Laurie’s teachings.  She has such a calm, healing spirit about her-I wish I could take her home with us.”  Katie and Lane – United States Air Force RN (Major)


From my work with veterans, I understand the importance of body centered practices in healing the trauma that stays locked in our minds and bodies. With the proper guidance, Toggling seems particularly well suited to contribute to the healing of PTSD-related symptomatology. Additionally, as wrestling with emotions is so fundamental to the human condition, Toggling offers the potential to help all of us live more vitally and with greater peace. Christian O Neil MD Host/producer of Paths to Wellness



… After reading this book you will no longer be helpless and hopeless in the face of emotional and physical pain. Start Toggling today and see what life beyond pain has to offer you. Dana Moore LPCC, CADS MAR



“All I can say is that I wish I’d done it when I first learned about it.  There’s more Toggling to come and I’m looking forward to it – pain free now, in all kinds of ways.  Thank you!”  Jim, Sales Manager



“Finally, a self-help program that shows you how to stop the negative thinking!”  M.J. Keefe, Attorney



… I find Toggling is simple and profound… thanks for the class and I look forward to where this goes and getting more under my belt… Blessings,
Dr. Kristina Rogers, Doctor of Oriental Medicine Prescott, AZ


Over the past eight plus years, incorporation of the “Toggle Technique” into my daily routine, and enjoyment of the inspiration and insights that this allows, has become a way of life. I continue to find new applications all of the time and am consistently amazed and inspired by the transformations that I experience. Thank you Laurie for your efforts in continually searching for and discovering new ways to make this incredible technique even better! C.V., RN, FL


Laurie’s research and knowledge into this subject is phenomenal. As a healer (DOM), I realized early on many of my patients would reach a plateau either with me or other healing modalities. This will give me that missing link to release patient’s emotional barriers to a healthier happy life. Linda Sullivan, Doctor of Oriental Medicine Albuquerque, NM


“Although I was apprehensive at first, Toggling has improved my sleep, lessened my pain, and I’ve seen improvements in my glucose levels.  On top of all that after 30 years I quit smoking which I couldn’t have done without using this technique.”  Gerald, Copier Technician


Media Interviews


Danielle Lin, is the creator and host of the nationally syndicated talk radio program, “Danielle Lin… The Art of Living and Science of Life.”

Listen to “The Toggle Effect” Interview Here


Web Talk Radio


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    2. Michael Dresser Show “Dresser After Dark” Oct. 20, 2011


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