Free Videos 1-4 Basic Technique

Audio Instructions Downloads

These Audio Instructions will guide you through the emotional conversion process. Set aside a half hour and listen to the steps. As you follow along, you will be activating the negative, low frequency, emotions and guided through the conversion steps, yielding the positive emotional state you desire. Keep this audio handy so you can access it any time you are feeling stressed. The second audio download will help you convert your Pain. More information about the conversion of pain is available in the Health, Pain and Pulse Monitoring webinars.

Emotional Mechanics Video 5- Prerequisite Videos 1 thru 4

Once you have experienced the basic Toggle Effect, you will be ready for the next level called Emotional Mechanics.

Not so surprising that as your mood improves, so does your brain power. Let’s take advantage of that!
This is the next level of understanding emotions and it gives you specific insights into the connection between stress and your mental function. Do you want to improve your level of inspiration? If so, did you know you will automatically be improving your ability to make decisions and plans. There is a specific shift that will deliver that result.

Or maybe you want to improve your overall actions and gain more mastery in your work or relationships. True mastery happens in a state of Joy and we focus on a different negative emotional state to deliver this shift.

Maybe you’re feeling isolated and disconnected from those around you. We will show you the exact emotional tensions to focus on to restore your sense of belonging and connection.

You will be surprised how clear and straightforward the approach is. The Emotional Mechanics video is a must see before you advance to Goals, Relationship Conflicts and Health Improvements. Don’t forget to download the accompanying chart for easy reference. You can also join us for the Emotional Mechanics Webinar and we will cover the course live.

Goals Application Video 6 – Prerequisite Videos 1-5

Here is the next step. Put the Emotional Mechanics to work for you. Setting and attaining goals has never been so clear. Download the video or join our webinar for the Goals Application.
Ever notice that when you’re feeling good you want to set some goals, but as soon as you set a goal it triggers dread, lack of confidence and irritability? There is some great stuff to learn about that reaction. Find out why that emotional crap is a good thing and how to use all of that negativity to propel you forward. You will meet your goals much faster, guaranteed.



Relationship Conflict Video 7– Prerequisite Videos 1- 5

Relationships are EMOTIONAL, and that is all there is to it. Conflicts are inevitable. Conflicts are also the access point to much improvement in your relationships whether they are personal or work related. This video and/or webinar is a must see for anyone who is transforming themselves with this work and finds themselves in relationship conflicts. Learn the difference between active emotional shifts and natural ones. This will help you better understand and deal with those around you who are losing their cookies.

Health and Wellness Prerequisite Videos 1-4

This course is only taught in live classes. The body is undeniably connected to your mental and emotional state. Behind every physical symptom there is an emotional component that can be easily improved. Each improvement will actually improve your overall health and well-being. Here we look into the associations between mind body and spirit to make your adjustments. You will be impressed. Discover each stress connection to each of your different organs and improve their overall function.


Pain Connection Prerequisite Videos 1-4.

Pain and emotional stress go hand in hand, but you have no idea how close these two cousins really are. We will show you how to take your relationship to pain to the next level and liberate yourself. Contact us for live class schedule.


Pulse Prerequisite Videos 1-4

This application is the final step in the mind body application of The Toggle Effect. Find out how to utilize your pulse points to power boost your health and pain applications. Contact us for live class schdule.


Addictions; the Emotional Connection

No matter what your addiction is, The Toggle Effect’s unique approach to shifting the emotional system will help along on your path to recovery. When you join our webinar we do not need to discuss the actual addiction. All we focus on are the emotions and feelings that fuel those addictive behaviors. Once you isolate and shift them using our technique, your will- power will be restored and you will have renewed strength for other treatment programs. Contact us for live class schdule.


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