Advanced Applications

The Toggle Effect is a profound new level of understanding the “Physics” of the emotional system. Don’t be intimidated by Physics

It is nothing more than understanding the cause and effect of energy movement. What we have done is uncover the inner workings of the emotional system and made is easier to understand when we think of it as energy and its effect on the mind.

Once you have experienced the basic Toggle Effect of the emotional shift that takes place, we are ready to take you to the next level.

Now we can focus on mental function. Need help concentrating, are you having a hard time making decisions, do you lag behind when it is time to jump in? These are indicators of your overall mental function and that it is not working up to par. Although, we don’t always see these problems as emotional, the emotional system has a lot to do with it. For the next level you will learn how each negative emotion converts into a specific positive emotional state. Each positive state activates very specific mental function.
So, not only does your mood improve, so does your brain power.

This next level of understanding gives you the ability to relieve stress and customize the activation of higher brain function simultaneously. Once you learn the emotional mechanics you can decide what mental function you want to improve and then select the negative emotions you need to work on from our chart to make that improvement. This is the “Emotional Mechanics. “ This video will outline the exact correlation between emotional up and downs and you’re overall mental function.

This video is a must see before you advance to Goals, Relationship and Health improvements. Don’t forget to download the accompanying chart for easy reference.

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