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Free Q & A on the basics of the Toggle Technique

Join us for an hour of insights. Ask questions and get the answers you need to start first Toggle. Laurie Heusinger NTS has conducted classes on line and live, teaching students how to shift into high emotional gear. Her 20 years of alternative medicine practice as well as her discovery and development of the Toggle Effect Program will be at your disposal. Once you have started the program you will have more questions. Bring them to this class. There are a thousand creative ways to move through the “stuck spots”.

Health and Wellness – Prerequisite Emotional Mechanics

Health and Wellness is a 2 hour webinar devoted to the understanding of mind body connection at a level that will open your mind to a whole new world of wellness. Chart and Book are included in this webinar course and can be referenced in the next two classes as well.


Pain Connection – Prerequisite Health and Wellness

Bring your pain to class. We will show you a new approach to managing your Pain. Pain and emotions are close cousins and you will see that family connection in this course. Keep your mind opened and you will be amazed.


Pulses- Prerequisite Health and Wellness

Pulse Connection. This is the last course in our health and wellness series. You will learn the valuable bio feedback reactions in your pulse rate to help as it relates to your emotional shifts. Here is where you master your mind body connection.

Addiction- Emotional Mechanics

No matter what your addiction is, The Toggle Effect’s unique approach to shifting the emotional system will help along on your path to recovery. When you join our webinar we do not need to discuss the actual addiction. All we focus on are the emotions and feelings that fuel those addictive behaviors. Once you isolate and shift them using our technique, your will- power will be restored and you will have renewed strength for other treatment programs. Check schedule for live webinar.


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Get Amazing Stories

Get great contents delivered straight to your inbox everyday, just a click away, Sign Up Now
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